Submitting an Application

Submitting an Application

Submitting a video case study from your region onto the Living Knowledge Place will take a process on a number of different accounts that you will need to consider. Unlike most social media sites, the Living Knowledge Place is careful about what content is shown on the site and that it is suitable for general community education and also culturally approved. Here is some more information and you can also contact us directly to find out more

Building a map of your region

If your region is not active then firstly we will have to build a map of your region into the site if it hasn’t yet been developed yet. Once your regional map is built into the site, it will be there for good and will service all the communities in your area for what ever project you want to do in future. When applying for a new region, we may consider taking more or less of the region to best represent the area fairly and strategically to the operation of the site. We will need to work with people in your region to make sure we have it right and serves your region the best way possible.

Assessment of Content

All video’s and data will need to be assessed and passed by a basic community education standard and also by a cultural protocol standard, which is a way to protect the site and the users from wrong or offensive information. The content is carefully chosen for its relevance to the curriculum, community aspirations, cultural awareness, and at high quality standards of visuals and sound ensure the message is received clearly. If your material is unsuccessful, you will be give clear reason why, but we will also give you suggestions to add to your video application to give your project a chance to be accepted.

Submitting a case study or project

If you want to submit a application to undertake a community project, then we can support you from the ground up. The Living Knowledge Place has developed methodologies in applying community and environmental projects in a way that is practical and creating the multi-media as an outcome for further project support and education. The program is not just based on showcasing content, but developing the real activities on the ground to get opportunities happening for the communities. Remember living knowledge is no good to the kids if it is not ongoing and living. So weather it is documentary or drama, we have access to community based support to get your projects going for your community while getting it into education to inspire our children and other communities. We also provide support for the communities to undertake specific projects methods and to create their own multi-media case study. Every project and community is different, so get in touch to see how we can support you and give your community the best plan to get involved in a big way.

Submitting a video already made

If you are sending a pre-made video from a region that has already been developed, it will still have to go through the assessment process. This also means that the footage may need to be edited in places to take out bits that are of high risk, or to chop out logos and advertisement of supporting agencies. If your video has been supported by an agency, they will have to fill out a permission slip as well, that states that they are happy for the film to show for education without their logo. We only encourage community representation to be connected to the films to encourage more opportunities for them. There is also a fee to submitting a pre-made film to cover the assessments, extra editing, extended content, and uploading process.

Permissions for content use

It is vital to have the permission and consent from the community or individual to allow their content to be shown in The Living Knowledge Place. This is mostly done on site with the community when developing the content. If your video is already made and has been supported by a government or private agency, then they may also need to sign a permission form accepting the conditions before we can put it up on the site.

Rules about Logos

The Living Knowledge Place have a basic rule that no logos are allowed to be shown on the film. The film will start fading from black and will finish fading to black. This is so institutions do not clutter the site with their logos and marketing on the back of community own initiatives. We want the living knowledge place to represent the knowledge, communities and people at its purest and not turn into a corporate logo fest. You can see the logos and supporting agencies in the sponsors page, this is where we will acknowledge and thank all the supporting agencies who have been involved in helping communities achieve their goals.

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