Mulong Pty Ltd

Mulong is a film company based in Cairns, North Queensland, specialising in the recording and the application of traditional knowledge wellbeing for tre community and the environment.

Directed by Victor Steffensen, Mulong is the developer and manager of the Living Knowledge Place and strives to continue to develop methodologies and project outcomes to strengthen community identity and responsibilities to the future of our communities and environment.

Feel free to get in touch for project support or further enquiries to how you can help Mulong keep up this important work.

Cape York Natural Resource Management

Cape York NRM has been a great support to the Living Knowledge Place and has helped significantly to get the program happening for the communities of Cape York and provide support for the countless projects they assist communities with day to day.

Cape York NRM is one of the leading NRM agencies in Australia that is setting their agenda around what the people and communities want to do in their own regions for themselves. They are one of the leading agencies that is setting the bench mark in getting our culture, livelihoods, and environment into the form of education for the benefit of the future children of Cape York.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with them to find out more from their exciting projects and what they are working on with communities for the future.

Wheatbelt NRM

The Wheatbelt NRM are supporting many Indigenous and community projects in their region. They have supported the local communities in their region to be represented on the Living Knowledge Place and also have their own project web site where you can view more projects from their region.

Please get in touch with Wheatbelt NRM for enquiries on the important work they are doing in their region.

Gidarjil Development Corporation

Gidarjil is an aboriginal owned enterprise located in Bundaberg, Queensland, and supports community based programs for the Gurang and the Gooreng Gooreng people of the region. They have been involved with developing their traditional fire programs for their regions and is showcasing one of these projects for the Living Knowledge Place to share.

Get in touch with Gidarjil to find out more on their projects and the partners they are working with in their region.

Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

The Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation was established in 1982 in Burketown to represent the rights and interests of the traditional owners of the gulf region of North Queensland. They are doing many projects for their communities and are striving to deliver more outcomes with their ranger programs and land management solutions that assist the aspirations and education opportunities for the future.

Take a look at their website to see the great work they have been up to for the people of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology has been a supporter for projects that Mulong and other partners have been working towards for the recording and application of traditional knowledge into community projects Australia wide.

UTS has also been a great supporter of the NSW indigenous fire programs and has helped out with design, media, and project planning support for projects represented in the Living Knowledge Place.

The Living Knowledge Place would like to thank Jacqueline Gothe the senior lecturer of visual communication and design for her believing in the communities and her outstanding support to processes and everyone involved. UTS continues to be a valued supporter for all the work at hand and communities involved.

Australian Government

The Australian Government are not direct supporters of the Living Knowledge Place and do not financially support the current or future developments or management of the site.

We do however value and acknowledge their contributions in supporting the communities and involved agencies in undertaking important projects of all sizes from all over Australia to address the issues and aspirations at hand.

Many of the projects endorsed by the communities have been supported by government funds and we would like to thank the Australian government for supporting such programs that strengthen our communities and regions into the future.

We hope that the delivery of the Living Knowledge Place will compliment the success and outcomes of government community small grants and caring for country budgets to show progress and broader developing outcomes for the communities and agencies involved.