About the Living Knowledge Place

Indigenous and modern community culture is alive and well and it is important to showcase living knowledge to ensure cultural survival and ongoing sustainable livelihoods. This site aims to bring the value of culture, community, and environmental initiatives and connect them to education.

The Living Knowledge Place is a community based education site that showcases living knowledge content for education and wellbeing purposes. Developed from Indigenous teaching methods and practices, the site is based on the community being the content. The aim is to create education material that is relevant to the aspirations and challenges of our people and environment and create more opportunities towards our children future.

A fun and exciting practical learning and sharing site that communities Australia wide can be a part of, feel ownership of, and get direct benefits from that support their own dreams, self-determination, and viable futures. The concept of the Living Knowledge Place has been developed by the dreams and wishes of Elders Australia wide, with the need to get traditional and cultural knowledge teaching practices accessible for our kids to benefit from for the future.

The content includes historical knowledge and many environmental projects are also supported by western science techniques complimenting and demonstrating a dual knowledge system working together. Based on practical indigenous teaching methodologies, The Living Knowledge Place is a start to give communities a chance to be a major part of their education system for the future of their local country, people and culture.

Using the Site.

Each case study will have a "click to get in touch" button to get in contact directly with the community or individual by sending an e-mail message. This feature is to give the user the opportunity to connect with the presenter and ask for more information or to create further opportunities around the subject or individuals at hand. The “click to get in touch” section is an important feature of the site and should only be used for genuine requests.

There are also some learning activities available when you click the activities button in a knowledge field. You will be bringing the outside world in to help with the learning taught in the modern education system. Parents can sit down at home with their child and learn what is happening in our backyards from fire to water or from dancing to cooking. So now enjoy the site and please be patient with the ongoing developments as more communities and content get involved.

� Mulong